World Series Predictions

 | October 22, 2008 10:38 AM

I was stunned when the Red Sox came back to win Game 5 and was thinking that maybe both my predictions would be wrong. Watching Game 7 I thought the Red Sox were coming to come back again. I was begging Maddon to bring in Kazmir or Jackson or Price. When Price got the final out I was elated.

The Phillies destroyed the Dodgers and were impressive. However I am still going to predict Tampa Bay in six, with the Phillies winning the games that Hamels starts. Tampa Bay’s pitching is deeper and I always pick the AL team.  Tampa Bay in 6.

By the way, remember when the Phillies lost to the Blue Jays in the 1993 World Series. Remember seeing Curt Schilling with the towel on his head? Remember Game 4 which the Jays won 15 – 14?  And of course Joe Carter winning it with his home run.  And Pat Gillick was the GM of that Blue Jays team.

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