My 2008 Election Ballot I

 | October 30, 2008 10:55 PM

This is my 2008 election ballot which I plan on mailing in tomorrow which should be enough time to get there by November 4.  Below I am listing my choices and some explanations for why I made my choices.  For choices that took more though I will write separate posts.

President and Vice President
Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Barack Obama for President

United States Representative
District 14
Anna G. Eshoo, Democrat
I had very little information to make this decision and it looks like it won’t matter, I see almost no resistance to the reelection of Anna Eshoo, Democrat.  Still I checked out’s District 14 info.  My thoughts after reading this site were that Ronny Santana, Republican, was too conservative, Brian Holtz, Libertarian, was too anti-religious, Carol Brouillet, Green, was too focused on impeaching George Bush.

State Senator
District 13
Elaine Alquist
I knew even less about this race and again relied on’s District 13 info.  Part of me just wants to vote out the current incumbent, Elaine Alquist, Democrat, because she has been doing such a terrible job.  However the opponents seemed less than appealing.  John Webster, Libertarian, wants to get rid of the public school system, seemed a little too radical to me.  Shane Patrick Connolly seems rather young and he is single.  His profile picture is so unprofessional, he has red eyes.  And though he has a domain, there is no website.  I really question Shane’s motivation.  Therefore because the other choices are so poor I will again vote Democrat.

Member of the State Assembly
District 22
I have no idea what the State Assembly.  But this San Jose Mercury News article shows it doesn’t matter, the Democrat Paul Fong is running away with the race. doesn’t even have an information on the Republican opponent, Brent Oya.

Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 8
Lane Liroff
Thanks to, I learned and was impressed by Diane Ritchie’s record of defending workers in many class action law suits.  But in the end I liked Lane Liroff’s answers better to’s questions and his list of endorsements is impressive.

Santa Clara County Board of Education
Member, Board of Education Trustee Area 5
Anna Song
I watched a YouTube video interview of the two candidates but soon stopped when I realized that the total interview was about thirthy minutes.  My impression of Anna Song based on the video and on was a little more favorable because she has much more experience so she gets my vote over Carmen Montano.

West Valley-Mission Community College District
Governing Board Member
Trustee Area 1, Short Term

Chad Walsh
Again I have no idea and can only base my decision from info at  Wade Ellis is the appointed incumbent and seems like a good guy.  But Chad Walsh seems to be the more passionate guy, with more precise goals and a nice website.

West Valley-Mission Community College District
Governing Board Member
Trustee Area 3

Chris Constantin, Kathi Tran
Using I saw that only Constantin and Tran responded to the questionnaires.

Santa Clara Unified School District
Governing Board Member
Trustee Area 2
Albert Gonzalez
I was surprised to see on that the incumbent, Don Bordenave, had provided no information. I voted for Albert Gonzalez because I liked what he said and he’s the only one nice enough to send me a post card. 🙂 Sallings and Mangla concern me with their talk about higher academic standards, I wonder if that translates to more homework and more stress for the already over-burdened and burnt out public school students.  I could have voted for more than one but only liked Albert.

Member, Board of Supervisors
District 3
Otto Lee
This is the only race outside of the Presidency that actually seems somewhat contested.  I see numerous Otto Lee signs and Dave Cortese’s campaign recently sent me a flyer.  In this San Jose Mercury News article (the San Jose Mercury News recommended Otto Lee) I liked how Otto Lee, Sunnyvale mayor, had “put Sunnyvale’s budget in the black” and about his ideas of “mixed-use development on part of the county fairgrounds to generate rental and tax revenue”.  Looking on, I am impressed by Otto Lee’s credentials.

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