Barack Obama for President

 | October 31, 2008 11:59 PM

It is no surprise I am sure that I am voting for Barack Obama for President.  I wanted to enumerate though my reasons.

  1. I believe in his character.  I believe he is a brother in Christ.
  2. I believe he is incredibly intelligent but also a man who seeks counsel and is willing to listen.
  3. I believe he sees the United States as an incredible, wonderful nation but one that is part of a global community, not above or against.
  4. I believe his ideas for how to lead the country economically, a bottoms up approach, makes much more sense.  I also trust him to surround himself with much better economic advisers than we have seen in the past eight years.
  5. I believe his ideas for a foreign policy that is humane and not just for self-interest is right and ethical.  I appreciate how he was the first (excluding the wonderful Senator Brownback) Presidential candidate to support the North Korean human rights group.
  6. I believe he understands technology better and how to benefit from it.
  7. I believe that the symbolism of electing an African-American as President will help to heal wounds and will be an inspiration for African-Americans and minorities.
  8. I believe that Barack Obama will be able to inspire Americans in ways that we have not seen for a long time.
  9. I believe that Barack Obama will restore the honor of the Oval Office which was disgraced by Clinton’s infidelity and never redeemed by George Bush.

I can also add my many reasons for why I am not voting for John McCain but suffice it to say that a man I once respected more than almost any other politician now strikes me as someone who will say whatever he can to be elected.

These are my concerns about Barack Obama and which I hope to track during his Presidency.

  1. Barack Obama is extremely pro-choice.  This one reason almost makes me vote for John McCain.  However I believe John McCain is only mildly pro-life and I do not expect his Presidency will result in any new legislation or a dramatic drop in abortions.  Barack Obama has repeatedly said he will try to reduce the number of abortions and I plan to hold him to his word.
  2. Barack Obama is more big government than I prefer.  I don’t believe in government’s primary role as the solver of our problems.  However John McCain is also recently sounding pretty big government and we know George Bush was pretty big government.
  3. Barack Obama is very smooth so I am interested in exactly how he follows through with his election campaign promises.  I am expecting Barack Obama will not do the middle class tax cut that he promised because I expect a much larger Federal deficit.

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CLee wrote a comment on November 3, 2008

humm… let me know what you think of this video clip on obama.

seonghuhn wrote a comment on November 3, 2008

I couldn’t finish watching that video after the narrator said “How we can trust someone with three Islamic names, Barrack Hussein Obama?” In my opinion at best it’s misleading and prejudiced.

Here is a blog article about Barrack’s name.

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essny wrote a comment on November 3, 2008

no candidate is perfect. and honestly, there’s something off-putting when someone believe he or she is the answer. I mean, you have to be overly rconfident and somewhat self-conceited–or at least more than the average person–to run for public office, much less as a presidential candidate. Ok, I’ll stop with my cynicism. But I’m happy that you’ve laid out your reasons for voting for Obama. 🙂

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