Jose Calderon is my new favorite player.  Sure he participated in the racist taunting of Chinese people.  But I will forgive him because he plays so well and is on both of my fantasy basketball teams 🙂 .  When someone tries to intimidate my fav player, like KG did, well that someone goes to my do not like list, even if that someone happens to be my wife’s favorite player because she thinks he’s funny.

2 Responses to “Kevin Garnett Tries to Intimidate Jose Calderon”

eyeman wrote a comment on November 15, 2008

KG gets so hyped during games he loses control sometimes. Both got caught up in the moment. Apparently KG was clapping in Jose’s face because Jose tends to clap in an the opponents face after the Raptors score a big basket.

eyeman wrote a comment on November 15, 2008

Oh, and about the whole racist taunting thing, I was so conflicted at the time because I thought it was outrageous what the Spanish team did, and Jose at the time said, what’s the big deal. And yet he’s the starting PG for the Raptors. I felt much better when at the start of the season he apologized for what happened.

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