Grateful Day 2

 | November 24, 2008 9:08 PM
  1. Today Dylan and Isaac had a dental checkup.   I am grateful that Isaac had only one cavity and Dylan had none though one is on the verge.  Last time Dylan had five cavities and Isaac had a few too.
  2. I am grateful that Alan Kwok faithfully reads my blog.  Seriously I am grateful to have such a good friend, it’s hard to find a friend like him.
  3. I am grateful that Sara, Tom and their children Avery and Summer came by to drop off Victoria’s jacket and diaper wrap which we left at their house yesterday.  And it was nice they invited us to go with them to Ikea.  We appreciate having a family friend that lives so near.
  4. I am grateful that Esther and her son Elijah came to visit.  We have not seen them for awhile and it’s always good to hear Esther laugh.
  5. I am grateful that after putting in my order for two mutual funds late Friday afternoon, they both went up 10% before my order could be executed at the close of business today (in other words I lost 10%).  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. 🙂

Thank God for friends and always for providing and watching over my family.

This is a little side story.  Late in the morning I was wondering why Ji Seon and the children were taking so long to return from the dentist.  My mind started wandering and I started imagining what life would be like if all four of them were tragically taken away from me.  After depressing myself quite a bit I realized that life would be so boring without them because I would have nothing to do, no one to take care of.  After a few minutes of day dreaming I heard the garage door open.  It was nice to have everyone home again. 🙂

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eyeman wrote a comment on November 25, 2008

Your blog one is of the ways we can stay in touch so of course I read it. Thanks for mentioning me :-).

essny wrote a comment on November 25, 2008

I read your blog, too! although perhaps not as regularly as Alan. 🙂

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