Grateful Day 3

 | November 25, 2008 8:56 PM

Today was a lot tougher day than the past two days so it is not going to be as easy to do this.

  1. I am grateful that Esther Sung faithfully reads my blog.  I am also grateful that she has been such a good friend to Ji Seon and our family.  She has one of the most enjoyable personalities I know and we are looking forward to seeing her soon during the holidays.
  2. I am grateful that though our family is currently a bit under the weather we have been blessed overall with good health.
  3. I am grateful that though the weather is a bit gloomy it is still relatively nice and I can walk around without a jacket.
  4. I am grateful that Dylan’s appetite is growing and that he can spend ninety minutes eating at Sweet Tomatoes like he did tonight.  Unfortunately Isaac is done in thirty minutes and I am done in forty-five minutes. 🙂 Dylan likes to eat plain noodles, baked potatoes with cheese, those deep fried noodles, tomato slices, some peas, some macaroni and cheese and ice cream for dessert with sprinkles on top.  Isaac pretty much only eats plain noodles and some ice cream with sprinkles on top.
  5. I am grateful that in spite of everything my family still loves me and forgives me.  And so does God.

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essny wrote a comment on November 27, 2008

ha, I hope you weren’t pressured to include me in your list! but it’s nice to be included, nevertheless.

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