Grateful Day 5

 | November 27, 2008 1:43 PM

Normally I write my grateful post at the end of the day but then I end up staying late surfing the web so now I am going to do it a bit earlier.

  1. I am grateful that I still in touch with friends in Boston.  Today I got an email from my previous pastor, talked on the phone with Alan, and IM’d with our friend and former tenant and babysitter.
  2. I am grateful that Ji Seon’s parents and brother arrived safely.  It’s especially nice to see Ji Seon’s brother after many years.
  3. I am grateful that we are starting to get a little better and I hope Ji Seon does not get sick.
  4. I am grateful that today I do not have to work.  I have not had a holiday in so long.
  5. I am grateful that the sun came out today after many gloomy days.

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essny wrote a comment on November 27, 2008

happy Thanksgiving, friend!

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