Grateful Day 8

 | November 30, 2008 7:54 PM

Today started off with me in a dark cloud. I was not sure why though I guessed lack of sleep was the primary concern, having been woken up again at 5 AM by Isaac. I thought about those less fortunate like my friend whose brother died in a freak accident or my friends who learned their unborn baby has Trisomy 18.  But not surprisingly, thinking of other’s misfortune does not actually cheer you up.

Ji Seon, Isaac and Victoria stayed home sick while I took Dylan in my bike trailer.  At church my plan was to only make the courtesy gestures, sit alone during worship and then come home quickly.  But maybe God didn’t like that plan because he had someone sit beside me, Dan whose wife was also at home sick.

I did not really cheer up until I came home when Isaac and Victoria greeted us with hellos.  Somehow that dispelled the dark clouds.  And that would be the first thing I am grateful for today.

  1. I am grateful that Isaac and Victoria cheered me up when we returned from church.
  2. I am grateful that Isaac and I were able to take a nap this afternoon.
  3. I am grateful that Ji Seon got a break this afternoon while I stayed with the kids and that they seemed to have a pretty good time.
  4. I am grateful that Ji Seon’s parents and brother arrived home safely in Seattle.
  5. I am grateful that the kids got to video chat with Ilene back in Arlington.
  6. I am grateful for God’s grace, it’s always there, never runs out.

2 Responses to “Grateful Day 8”

eyeman wrote a comment on December 1, 2008

That’s quite a tragic story about the father. It seems that this Advent season is an appropriate reminder that God shines His light in the darkness and that there is something greater coming for us. Thanks for going through this ‘grateful’ exercise so publicly. Praying that God will bring forth much fruit in your life and family.

ilene wrote a comment on December 2, 2008

yeah!! i am grateful i got to video chat with yr kids, too!!!

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