Happy 41st Birthday to Me

 | December 5, 2008 3:15 PM

Today is my 41st birthday.  Last year at this time was when I technically entered my 40’s but I feel like today is when it is finally real, 41 just seems that much older than 40.

What did I do for my 41st birthday?  Well yesterday our friends Tom and Sara took our kids while we went for Indian buffet.  The food was yummy but today my stomach still feels a little queasy.  I do appreciate that unlike after eating at Chinese and Korean restauraunts I was not incredibly thirsty due to high amounts of salt ingestion.

Today I talked with my parents and Ji Seon made the family cupcakes.  I don’t actually like cupcakes, it’s more for making this day fun for the kids.  Ji Seon also gave me a nice sweater but unfortunately it’s too big for my non-muscular frame.

I decided not to work today and instead just blogged and read.  Some friends left me Happy Birthday wishes.  It was a nice relaxing day.  And later we go shopping even though I think I have been buying too many things recently.

Searching the web I see the most famous person who has the same birthday as me is Frankie Muniz.  Happy Birthday Frankie!

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mark.r wrote a comment on December 5, 2008

happy birthday frank!

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