LCD or Plasma HDTV

 | December 6, 2008 10:29 AM

I am trying to decide whether to buy an LCD or Plasma HDTV.

According to Consumer Reports:

Plasma TV Advantages:

  • virtually unlimited viewing angle
  • deeper blacks and better contrast
  • no motion blur

LCD TV Advantages:

  • lighter
  • brighter images
  • most have no reflections from screen
  • no risk of burn-in
  • use less power

Costco has a sale on Panasonic TV’s plus free shipping this weekend.  I am considering the Panasonic 42″ 720P Plasma which gets rave reviews.

The reasons I would like to buy this TV:

  1. It is a good price.
  2. Apparently it shows SDTV (standard definition) pretty well and has good sound.
  3. It has great reviews.
  4. Since it is from Costco if I don’t like it I can return it within 90 days.

The reasons I am hesistating are:

  1. Its power consumption is 385 watts.  A comparable 42″ 1080p LCD TV uses 250 watts and a 46″ 1080p LCD TV uses 287 watts.  If you assume you watch TV 8 hours a day (the average for American families) then at $0.225 per kWh that works out to about $20 per month to run the Plasma TV and $13 per month to run the LCD TV.  Over a year that is about an $84 difference and in two years that is about $160 which is about the price difference between this Plasma TV and a comparable 42″ 1080p LCD TV.  And how can a tree hugger like me buy something that uses more power?
  2. It is not 1080p and it seems like one not does want to buy technology that could quickly become obsolete.
  3. I think I want a 46″. 🙂

I think I convinced myself not to buy Plasma.

6 Responses to “LCD or Plasma HDTV”

eyeman wrote a comment on December 6, 2008

Either way, your kids are going to need glasses, :-).

essny wrote a comment on December 6, 2008

am I the only one to think you’re overthinking this?

seonghuhn wrote a comment on December 6, 2008

about glasses or which TV?

phyllis wrote a comment on December 7, 2008

very interesting – keep us updated… we’re thinking about it, but roger is opposed to children watching tv.

essny wrote a comment on December 7, 2008

overthinking about which tv to get!

seonghuhn wrote a comment on December 8, 2008

Yeah, I have a hard time making decisions. And this TV ended up selling out quickly, as Ji Seon predicted. 🙂

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