A NK Defector’s Testimony

 | December 9, 2008 7:19 PM

At my old church, Highrock, a North Korean refugee gave her testimony.  Honestly I have read many first hand accounts of the suffering of North Koreans but this is one of the worst.

After reading this and chatting about it with Alan who was reading it at the same time I looked down at my bowl of rice, kimchee, and chicken and started to cry.  The bowl in my hands would be a week to a month of food for those poor suffering people of North Korea.

I think one of the reasons this testimony so affected me was because I imagined the younger brother of this refugee as being Isaac and the baby as Victoria.

God forgive us.  Forgive us for living trivial lives while your heart breaks for the North Koreans.  Thank you for this testimony to remind me of what matters.

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