Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao

As many of you know, I have been astonished and moved by Obama’s surge to the presidency.  But Anh “Joseph” Cao’s becoming a congressman is equally amazing.  Who would expect a refugee who grew up without his parents in a state that is known for its racism against Vietnamese would end up becoming a U.S. Representative for that state?  It boggles the mind and I wish him all the best.

I love how on the first day of congress when Rep. Cao was sworn in he brought his two little daughters in beautiful Vietnamese clothing.

Interestingly enough Rep. Cao originally wanted to be a missionary but it seems God has called him to this.

Mr. Cao said that while he was studying to be a priest in the 1990s, he had “the great opportunity to work with the poor in conditions of extreme poverty” in Mexico and in Vietnamese refugee camps in Hong Kong — children playing in the slums, children behind bars. He wanted to be a missionary.

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