Comcast Extreme Support

 | January 11, 2009 3:34 PM

If you are having problems with Comcast and no one is helping you then contact Rick Germano, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations, directly.  Comcast recognizes they have customer service problems which is why they hired Mr. Germano.

We are writing this letter to update you on the steps we have taken to provide better service to you. We are putting a tremendous amount of resources into making it easier and more convenient for you to do business with us. This is part of a company-wide effort to improve service that will continue for several years.

Customer Care Improvements

This is recommended by the San Jose Mercury News Action Line and worked for Ms. Pham.

He reported that Comcast set up a direct link to Germano’s headquarters office in Philadelphia. To get to that back door (after you have exhausted the regular customer service channels), do a Web search for “Vindu Germano e-mail hot line.”

“I used the link to Rick Germano’s customer service hot line, and surprisingly, the e-mail was answered the same day from someone on Mr. Germano’s team…”

Action Line: Comcast complaint? E-mail the boss – San Jose Mercury News

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