Nothing but time

 | January 16, 2009 9:05 AM

Nothing But TimeIn the interest of time we have been trying to plan a menu for the week on the weekend and referencing various quick recipe cookbooks.

This week we tried a pot roast in a slow cooker.  Typically when we cook the pot roast in the slow cooker it turns out dry but this time we tried a recipe we found in a slow cooker cookbook.  This cookbook recommended cooking it on low for 9 hours.  The result was much more tender than last time.

This article in the San Jose Mercury News explains why.

As any barbecuer knows, the sweet spot for slow cooking meat lies between 225 and 275 degrees. Temperatures in this range are high enough to break down the tough connective tissue into soft gelatin, but not so high as to force too much of the moist juice into the pan. Fatty cuts of meat do particularly well, as the melting fat bathes the surface of the meat and prevents evaporation.

Nothing but time (And a few herbs and spices) – San Jose Mercury News

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Lisa wrote a comment on January 17, 2009

we use a meat thermometer when we cook our pot roasts in the oven. comes out perfect every time. definitely get a meat thermometer! 😀

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