Gospels by Balloon

 | January 22, 2009 2:51 PM

I am not sure what to think of what Voice of the Martyrs is doing in South Korea.  Many years ago VOM opened my eyes to the severe oppression in North Korea when they gave me an autobiography of a North Korean refugee.  I know VOM has been sending tracts by balloon over the border to North Korea for many years.

In some ways it is admirable they are doing this, trying to get the gospel across in any way possible to one of the most closed countries in the world.  On the other hand the cost for the North Korean recipients is incredibly high.  Being found with a tract could result in imprisonment/torture/death.  Becoming a Christian is illegal.  A person and three generations of his family could be jailed and tortured because a tract could have been found on his property without him even knowing.

I guess VOM’s reasoning is that regardless of the cost the gospel is worth that much, that it is the only way to eternal life.  I think they are right but I just wonder if there’s a better way.

 Christian activists in South Korea sent hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts over North Korea

Christian activists in South Korea sent hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts over North Korea’s closed border in November using helium-filled balloons. Equipped with a time-release mechanism, each balloon carried 10,000 leaflets that tell the story of a 1907 Christian revival in Pyongyang, and compare Kim Jong-Il to Nebuchadnezzar. The effort is part of a resurgence of balloon launches, used for decades by political and religious groups to send propaganda past the North’s information blackout. Such launches worsened relations between North and South in 2008. In response, North Korea’s government further restricted travel and communication between the two countries.

Gas-Powered Gospels | Christianity Today

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