Fried Chicken Without Lots of Oil

 | January 27, 2009 11:00 AM

I love fried chicken but rarely cook it because of the amount of oil that is needed.  But apparently this fried chicken dish “tastes so good” and only uses 1/4″ or less of oil.

The recipe says to use tahini but you can substitute peanut butter.  However I wonder if that will not taste as good, definitely sounds like it would taste heavier.  There is supposed to be an Asian equivalent, sesame paste,  but I am not sure what that would be in Korean cooking.  Here is a simple recipe for tahini.

The amount of oil needed to get a really crisp crust on the chicken is minimal. But the flavor is terrific, as a quick glance at the ingredient lineup will tell you: onion, herbs and tahini.

The Minimalist – Fried Chicken That Reaps Superlatives –

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