The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I got for free the audio book 7 Highly Habits of Effective People from  I was planning on listening to it on my iPod Touch whenever I strolled the kids.  However what kept happening was whenever I plugged in my iPod the sync process would complain that I am not authorized and erase the audible book from my iPod.  Then I would authorize manually in iTunes, sync again, and copy the audible book over.

Frustrated with this process I searched and found this page, Audible Re-Authorization, which pointed me to Audible’s own help page, Why am I prompted to activate my Audible account for iTunes on a Mac every time I open iTunes and attempt to play one of my Audible titles?

I then went through this process so that I would no longer have to authorize for Audible on iTunes.

  1. Logged into my Administrator account.
  2. Changed iTunes to use the same library as the regular users.  Note I kept getting messages that the files were locked.  I tried giving the Administrator read and write permission for the iTunes folder but that did not work.  Then I made the files world readable to fix it.
    $ chmod -R o+w iTunes/
  3. Went into my Audible account on the Audible site and then downloaded the free sample audiobook.  This caused iTunes to ask me to authorize.
  4. Logged back into my regular user account and saw that iTunes no longer prompted me to authorize for Audible content.

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