This will be my last article about bottled water.   At least for today. 🙂

Before I moved to California I read the Suburban Christian to better prepare myself for life in the suburbs.  I appreciated Al Hsu’s writing and later discovered his blog.

As a result of all this, I’ve been persuaded that this is an issue that Christians should be concerned about. Sure, it’s better to drink bottled water than soft drinks. But the commoditization of water is creating an unnecessary consumer product, and evidently the bottled water industry is not doing much to provide increased access to clean water in disadvantaged areas of the world.

So if you drink bottled water, please recycle your bottles. Better yet, just fill a reusable bottle with tap water. Save the money you would otherwise spend on bottled water and direct it in ways more beneficial for people in need of clean water.

The Suburban Christian: Bottled water as a Christian stewardship issue.

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