Comcast doubles speeds

 | March 7, 2009 8:03 AM

Comcast recently doubled the upload and download speeds in the Bay Area.

The move will double the maximum download speeds for customers of the company’s existing Performance and Performance Plus plans. The best possible throughput for such customers will go from 6 and 8 megabits per second, respectively, to 12 and 16 megabits per second.

Upload speeds for both tiers will be 2 megabits per second. That represents a doubling of current speeds for Performance customers, but speeds will be unchanged for those on the Performance Plus plan.

I did some tests using and was quite impressed with the interface of the site. keeps a log of my test results.  I am wondering if it identifies me using my IP address which means the results won’t be available for very long since my IP address changes every few weeks.  If it somehow identifies me using my MAC address then it will be there as long as I don’t change the MAC address of my router.

In last night’s tests my download speed was much higher than expected but my upload speed was about what should be expected.

This morning’s tests though showed the download and upload speeds to be about what should be expected. I guess the doubling has not reached Sunnyvale yet.

Update 02-01-2010: Things still don’t seem faster. I wonder if my modem needs to be upgraded.

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John March wrote a comment on March 7, 2009

here’s what i got just outside mpls.

i didn’t know they were making changes. this is nice!

seonghuhn wrote a comment on March 7, 2009

hi john,
i didn’t see what you got. do you have the URL of the actual PNG file?

TC wrote a comment on May 12, 2009

Cool. Wha’cha gonna do with all that bandwidth?

I think the difference in performance comes from the time of day you ran the tests. 5AM is going to be much better vs 4PM. As I understand it, cable internet is a more sensitive to what your neighbors are doing with their cable internet.

I’m waiting for fiber.

75 yr old grandma has fastest internet connection in the world: 40 gigabits.

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