Scratches Are Expensive Update

 | March 7, 2009 2:30 PM

scratchThree months ago I blogged about how I accidentally scratched a car and how the owner requested $650 to $850 for the repair.

Since that time I engaged in many conversations with him and various repair shops.  One shop, Active Auto Body, advised me that there is no way that the repair should be that much, that the cost should be around $125.  I sent the photo of the scratch to another shop, B2 Perfection Auto Body, and they said they could try to buff out that scratch for free.

It turned out the owner had thought I had damaged the front of his bumper which is why the repair was so high since there is a lot of labor involved in fixing a front bumper.  A scratch on the side rocker molding is easy to fix because you just put in a new one.

At this point I was starting to become frustrated with this owner trying to get me to pay so much for damage I had not done.  I also was becoming a little frustrated with his contradictions.  Originally he said that the reason he wanted to fix the scratch was because the car was new and there were no other scratches.  Now he was admitting there was other damage on the car.  He also first said there was a sizable dent on the front bumper but later said it was a scratch that was smaller than the scratch I had caused on the side rocker molding.

I became so frustrated that I told him I would not pay.  Previously he would take a few days to reply to any of my emails but he immediately replied to this one.  After several exchanges I relented, not because of his contradicting arguments, but because I realized that regardless of everything the scratch was still my fault.

In the end I realized that my greatest frustration was that I thought that by doing the right thing somehow I would end up not having to actually pay for what I had done, like a reward from God for just doing the right thing.  When I realized that this time, unlike previous times, I would actually have to pay, I was disappointed to say the least.

I contacted the owner a few times after that, asking him to please get the repair done quickly so that we could move on.  He finally sent me an email saying he got hurt and that it would take him a few weeks to do it.

Now it is three months later and I have not heard from him since mid-December.  At this point I would be quite content if he never contacts me again.

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TC wrote a comment on May 12, 2009

HHmm, maybe you can got those girls to tease the dude with the scratch?

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