| March 11, 2009 11:43 AM

Ji Seon named Isaac her “snuggle bear” and Victoria her “snuggle bunny.”  Dylan suggested that he be called “snuggle hero.” 🙂

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Lisa wrote a comment on March 11, 2009

this coming from the woman who made a face when i told her me and the hubby had nicknames for each other??? ha, ha. ji seon has become a big softie after becoming a mommy.

Zee wrote a comment on March 15, 2009

Hi Frank – I’m a friend of Ji-Seons from way back (Seattle) and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday – my e-mail got wiped out recently and I can’t find her contact info, but please give her mine and let her know that I always think of her on the Ides of March!

Glad to see your family is well!


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