Raptors 2008 – 2009

 | April 16, 2009 7:12 AM

Toronto Raptors forward Shawn Marion, right, drives to the basket past Chicago Bulls forward John Salmons in the first quarter of their NBA basketball game in Chicago, April 15, 2009.

The Raptors season ended on an up note as they beat a Chicago Bulls team that should have been motivated to win.  Doug Smith of the Toronto Star has an interesting blog article with his take on the three most significant wins and losses of the season.  I remember all of them except for the loss to the Thunder.  I especially remember that horrible loss to Vince Carter and wondering that night why Vince Carter seems to only try against the Raptors.

Seems like just yesterday we were throwing lamps at our TVs after this.

These are my thoughts as the Raptors season closes.

  1. Jose Calderon can be a top point guard.  In the middle of the season I was concerned about this but seeing how he flourished at the end I have to believe it was his hamstring that was hampering him (pun not intended).  He needs to work on his strength and conditioning but considering this was his first season as a starter, I think next season could be an All-Star season for him.  I think his work ethic is unquestionable considering how he improved his free throw percentage so dramatically over just a few seasons.
  2. I think Chris Bosh is better than I would admit before when I blamed him for all the Raptor woes.  Is he a franchise player though worth breaking the bank in 2010?  I am not so sure.  If the Raptors can get something good for him I think they should consider trading him.
  3. Andrea Bargnani, Alan’s favorite player, really became a lot better.  I wonder if his better position is power forward than center.  He does need to learn to grab rebounds better but I think that will come.
  4. Shawn Marion really played well at the end of the season.  I am not sure if he did it because he knew he needed to make a good impression since he’s now a free agent.  Sometimes he seems too moody and a bit selfish.  But I think he’s quite talented and would love it if the Raptors brought him back for a good price.  It is hard to find a small forward that rebounds, steals, blocks and plays defense against the other team’s best player.

One move the Raptors might consider is trading Bosh but I am not sure what we need.  Amare Stoudemire would be nice but I still like the idea of Bargnani moving to power forward which won’t happen with Stoudemire.  I think what would be ideal is trading for a shooting guard that can shoot three’s, create his own shot, drive to the hole, and get lots of free throws.  You know, someone like Dwayne Wade.  Of course we won’t be getting Dwayne Wade but interestingly enough Ben Gordon is a free agent.  Unfortunately Ben Gordon has a reputation of being selfish.

If we did trade Bosh then getting a center that rebounds and plays defense would be a great move.  I think the Polish Hammer, Marcin Gortat, would be great but he’s a restricted free agent.

Looking at the list of free agents in 2009 I see Kwame Brown who I actually think is very good, great rebounder.  Jarrett Jack is a restricted free agent and a shooting guard, maybe he could help the Raptors.  Lamar Odom is an unrestricted free agent and I think he’s amazingly talented.  He probably wants out of LA since he doesn’t start there.  Charlie Villanueva is a restricted free agent with a lot of talent and he probably hates playing under Scott Skiles.  Same for Ramon Sessions who could help the Raptors except he can’t shoot three’s.  David Lee is awesome but he wants to stay in New York.  Ike Diogu will probably make more money this offseason just because of his last two games.  Paul Millsap is a beast but Utah will probably try to keep him.

Maybe we should keep Bosh, sign Marcin Gortat and Ben Gordon and Shawn Marion, and make a run.  That’s still not a team that can win it all though and I am not sure the Raptors can afford Gordon.

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eyeman wrote a comment on April 17, 2009

Yay, the blog returns. It’s been a dry month not hearing about the adventures of the Kim family.

I agree that Chris Bosh is a perennial all star but question if he is a franchise player. But then again, how many franchise players are really out there (Kobe, Bron Bron, Wade, Chris Paul and a handful of others)? The next tier are players like Bosh that make a team much better, but definitely needs a decent supporting cast. My concern in addition to a good shooting guard and small forward if Marion doesn’t come back is the rail thin bench. I think we could probably sit there looking prettier than who’s on there now. We’ve done it before in high school, :-).

seonghuhn wrote a comment on April 17, 2009

Yeah but we were on the bench for the volleyball team. 🙂

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