Fantasy Basketball 2008 – 2009

 | April 17, 2009 10:41 AM

Time Out H2H ChampionI am both proud and relived to say I won both of my fantasy basketball leagues.  The head-to-head league turned out to be very difficult to win and consumed a lot of time which is one of the reasons I have not blogged for so long.Time Out Champion

Head-to-head leagues have playoffs at the end of the season and like real life if you have injuries during the playoffs then you’re out of luck. I had dominated my head-to-head league all season but when the playoffs came around my roster was somewhat decimated.

  1. Andris Biedrins, one of the top centers in the league most of the season, twisted his ankle and was out most of the playoffs.
  2. Jamal Crawford, who dominated especially during the early part of the season, ended up playing so badly near the end of the season that I dropped him before the playoffs.  Ironically he ended up playing very well for my opponent in the finals before his back failed him.
  3. Chris Duhon, a top ten point guard most of the season, began to fade badly and I dropped him before the playoffs.  My opponent in the semi-finals, Kwang, picked him up for one game and he had one of his best games in several weeks for him.  Kwang pushed his luck though by playing Duhon again and he failed him.
  4. Paul Millsap played like a top twenty fantasy player most of the season but began to fade before Carlos Boozer came back.  I dropped him after he lost his starting job though I played him a few times in the finals and he did have at least one grand game for me.
  5. Dwayne Wade, my MVP, hurt his ankle at the beginning of the playoffs and missed a game at the beginning of the semi-finals causing me to panic.  And in the finals he missed the last two games to rest for the real playoffs.
  6. Caron Butler, my All-Star underachiever, was out the entire semi-finals until the last game but fortunately played well in the finals.

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