Time Out H2H Finals

In the finals I was not nearly as concerned about my opponent as I was in the semi-finals.  It turned out I underestimated my opponent somewhat.  My strategy was to win FG%, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and be competitive in FT%.

I was winning most of the way but in the middle of the second week the Lewisville Rockets became incredibly hot and at one point was 7-1-0 against me.  The only categories I was winning in was assists.

Jason Kidd stealI tried to catch up to him in rebounds but I just couldn’t seem to do it.  I also tried to catch him in steals and almost did it until Mike Conley got 7 steals.

But just when things started to look bleak my team got hot and I suddenly started catching up in rebounds.

On the last day of the season, Wednesday, I loaded up on rebounders hoping that:

  1. The Lewisville Rockets wouldn’t counter by loading up on rebounders.
  2. The Lewisville Rockets wouldn’t notice that at least their best player, Lebron James, wasn’t playing on Wednesday, and possibly Joe Johnson.

Fortunately the Lewisville Rockets didn’t do anything.  On the last day of the season Lebron and Joe didn’t and Emeka Okafor only played six minutes.

I won this matchup because in the end my team played six more games.  And the effective number is actually more since on the second last day of the season his three Atlanta Hawks barely played.

If Kwang had been managing the Lewisville Rockets he would have won.

I learned a few leassons from these head-to-head playoffs.

  1. Make sure you have accurate predictions.  I had a spreadsheet predicting how I would do against my opponent.  In the first round I kept Matt Barnes thinking he was a .500 shooter.  It turned out he was a .430 shooter and he ended up shooting .188 for me.  In the second round I thought I would win rebounds until I realized after a week that I had not counted Chris Bosh’s statistics for his team.
  2. Don’t let a player go to free agency if you really like him.  In the first round I let Thabo Sefolosha go to free agency because I thought Kwang wouldn’t want him.  Kwang ended up grabbing him in a few hours.  Fortunately Sefolosha did poorly in the second week.  In the second round I let Anthony Randolph go.  Kwang picked him up in a few hours.  That kid might be a stud next season if Nelson lets him play.
  3. Don’t assume you’ll win a category.  I assumed I’d win steals when I had a ten steal lead and that was gone in two days and I never got it back.
  4. Don’t do head-to-head again.

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