I have enjoyed banking with WaMu though it was a bit stressful when it almost went under.  Their free services are great though it looks like that time might be ending.  I hope I don’t have to switch to another bank but I don’t hear the best things about Chase.

The popular WaMu Free Checking account becomes the Chase Free Extra Checking account, and keeps a lot of the useful perks.


  • No monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirement.
  • No fee for money orders, cashier’s checks and travelers checks.
  • No Chase fee for non-Chase ATM withdrawals.
  • No fee for Domestic Outgoing for Foreign Outgoing Wire Transfers.
  • You will continue to receive your discounted or free check orders when ordered from us.
  • One insufficient funds/Returned Item Fee will be refunded annually. However, the refund will no longer be automatic, you must call in and specifically request it. Also, it will no longer carry over if unused.


  • The 0.03 Cash Back debit rewards program is discontinued.
  • We may change your account to a Chase Better Banking Checking account when you do not have at least one customer-initiated transaction over the past six monthly statement cycles (which has a $12 monthly fee if minimum balance is not met).

The WaMu Online Savings account will be converted to a Chase Premier Savings account, with the monthly fee “waived at this time”.

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