NBA 2009 2nd Round Predictions

 | May 4, 2009 12:12 PM

I am not nearly as excited about the second round as I was for the first because:

  1. Some of the most interesting players, Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy and Chris Paul, are no longer playing.
  2. Only one of the four series looks competitive.
  3. No Cinderella’s left.
  4. I think I watched too much basketball in the first round.

Orlando in 6 over Boston

Orlando had a much harder time putting away Philadelphia than I expected.  On the other hand Boston had an evern harder time with Chicago.  If Orlando is getting healthier, which it looked like they might have been based on how they played Game 6 without Dwight Howard, then I think they should be able to beat Boston.

Cleveland in 5 over Atlanta

Originally I was predicting this would be done in five games but when I look at the season series I see that though Cleveland won 3 – 1 three out of the four games were quite close.  Atlanta has a very athletic team and hopefully they’ll make this round entertaining.

Los Angeles in 5 over Houston

I really want Houston to win.  I want Los Angeles not to win more than I want any other team to win.  But Los Angeles swept the season series and they are just a deeper, more talented team.

Denver in 5 over Dallas

I had made this prediction before Game 1 where Denver trounced Dallas.  Denver is a very deep and talented team.  I hate Kenyon Martin though, almost as much as I hate Kobe.  This post is just full of negative feelings.

Here is a YouTube video of Yao blocking Michael Jordan.  Maybe we’ll get some new ones of Yao blocking Kobe.

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eyeman wrote a comment on May 5, 2009

Funny :-). Kobe does seem to elicit a lot of strong emotions. I agree about the second round not being as interesting as the first. After the Celtics-Bulls series, anything that comes close to the intensity and competitiveness of that series will be an added bonus. I think the conference finals would be interesting if Orlando plays Cleveland.

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