I have never been a fan of processed foods but in the wake of the peanut salmonella poisoning and the frozen pot pies salmonella poisoning and the frozen pizza e. coli outbreak I am now leery of them.

Though normally we buy organic processed foods I don’t believe that increases our protection from these pathogens.

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essny wrote a comment on May 20, 2009

seriously, grow your own vegetable garden! it’ll 1) save money, and 2) ensure personal health and safety. Admittedly, it may not save you time since you’ll have to weed and water and all other fun stuff. but just think of how self-sufficient you’ll be. and I know you’ll like that a lot!

TC wrote a comment on May 21, 2009

I agree with essny, and I wish I had a garden. There’s nothing like picking a vine ripen tomato, and have a southern style mater sandwich. Ever since I read Micheal Pollan’s books, your post wasn’t a surprise. I highly recommend his books, and believe it’s required reading:

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

In Defense of Food

Interviews on KQED’s Forum:

I also have a lot of philosophical agreement with the Slow Food movement.

The Slow Food Movement

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