My Special Election Ballot

 | May 16, 2009 1:51 PM

California has to have a special election because the budgeting process is so screwed up here.  Basically they had to go to the voters to allow for special funds and payment plans.  I am sure it will pass because otherwise it’s doom and gloom.  But I am going to vote against them because I think they are wrong and that the whole process is ludicrous.

Proposition 1A
“Rainy Day” Fund

All the Republicans and a significant minority of the Democrats are against it.  I don’t really understand the point of it nor how it helps. I do see more taxes and more spending.

Proposition 1B
Education Funding

If Proposition 1A fails then 1B fails so I might as well vote no for this too.

Proposition 1C
Lottery Modernization Act

I have already expressed my preference that gambling be abolished. The lottery is a tax on the poor and modernizing is another way of saying let’s take more money from the poor.

Proposition 1D
Children’s Services Funding

Taking money from local health and education programs and moving it to Sacramento sounds like a bad idea.

Proposition 1E
Mental Health Services Funding

Diverting money from community mental health services to Sacramento sounds like another bad idea.

Proposition 1F
No Pay Increases During Budget Deficit Years

If the politicians know they won’t get a raise when they overspend our money, maybe they won’t do it.

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