Extreme Frugality

 | May 23, 2009 6:57 AM

Recently I was listening to an interview on NPR with the author of the Extreme Frugality columns, W. Hodding Carter.  Mr. Carter and his family now live on just $550 per month which is easier to do in coastal Maine but still quite impressive.  His family take some extreme measures to save money like picking up roadkill, dumpster diving, tapping for maple syrup, etc.  I like how his family raises chickens for eggs and I would consider doing that if it wasn’t illegal in Sunnyvale.

ham Another of his more interesting ideas is shopping at liquidation stores.  I searched for liqudiation groceries in the Bay Area and found this State by State List of Salvaged Grocery Stores.  Fortunately there is one not too far in Redwood City, Grocery Outlet, 1833 Broadway Street, Ph 650-364-7406.  I might check it out when I am in the area though part of me wonders if it is worth it since we normally only purchase organic products and prefer not purchasing processed foods.  Also this store not seem to be a true liquidation store.

Here is a short video from Money Talks about Salvage Grocery Stores.

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