Organic Seeds vs Regular Seeds

 | May 25, 2009 10:54 AM

Today at Lowes I was looking at the different types of zucchini seeds.  I did not know which one to purchase but the ones that said hybrid seemed suspicious.  I then noticed some organic seeds that were about 50 cents more.  I was not sure if it made a difference but I bought it anyway and then did some research when I got home.  Here is what I learned.

A little seed may seem like no big deal. Who cares whether it is organic or not, the end result will be organic if you choose to grow it that way. Not so fast. A 2007 study by The Organic Center in Colorado found that sure, a seed might not be organic, but you will be able to tell by the fruit it bears later on. All seeds carry residual effects from pesticides and herbicides in the ground as well as hormones sprayed in and around the plants, bushes or trees.

Since farmers have been using pesticides, steroids and other ‘non-natural’ ways to grow produce faster and bigger for decades, we can now test between the two methods. Crops that are grown now using the modern farming method have 1/5 to 1/4 less nutritional value that their counterparts did 50 years ago. What does that mean exactly? To get the same nutritional value of an apple picked in say, 1942, today you would have to eat two or three apples. Iron counts are lower, vitamin A levels are lower as well as many other important healthy components of the apple.

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waterbaby12347 wrote a comment on May 25, 2009

Great article, thanks for sharing!!! I just knew this to be true but had not seen a study… smile

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