Twitter, Facebook and My Blog

 | May 25, 2009 8:53 PM

I asked a friend how to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook whenever I write a new blog article and he pointed me to twitterfeed.  This started an interesting Web 2.0 journey.

  1. Went to twitterfeed.
  2. Tried to register and realized I needed an OpenID.
  3. Went to myvidoop to register for an OpenID.
  4. Returned to twitterfeed and logged in using my OpenID URL.
  5. Logged in to my twitter account on twitterfeed.
  6. Created a (URL shortener that does more than TinyURL) account to use with twitterfeed.
  7. Created a feed for my blog.
  8. Went to Facebook and added the Twitter application.
  9. Linked Twitter to Facebook by clicking on the link “Want Twitter to update your Facebook status?”
    Update 07-27-2009: I now use the Facebook application instead of the Twitter Facebook application.  It is much better as described in this Mashable article.
  10. Realized I needed to turn off protected status in my Twitter account.
  11. Went back to Facebook and clicked on the link “Want Twitter to update your Facebook status?”
  12. Posted this blog and hoped that twitterfeed works. 🙂

Update 06-02-2009: I decided to turn off twitterfeed because I did not like the tweets it created.  I realized more since to create them manually and try to enter as much information as possible since people do Twitter searches on the tweets.

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TC wrote a comment on May 26, 2009

I’m using TweetDeck. It runs on my desktop, and it updates both Twitter and Facebook. It’s mostly a Twitter tool, but really…. are tweets and facebook updates all that different?

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