Switched to Amica Insurance

 | May 31, 2009 6:50 AM

I have been hearing for many years how good of an insurance company Amica is.  But for whatever reason, probably cost, I did not switch to Amica.

Recently my home and auto insurance were coming up for renewal.  I decided to investigate Amica’s rates and this time I was pleasantly surprised to learn their rates were better than my current provider’s, Farmer’s.  I also looked into a few others and still found Amica’s to be the best.

This survey on FreeAdvice shows how good people think Amica is.

Amica touts their awards and recognition on their own site.

So far service has been good.  The sale went slower than I expected but maybe that’s a good thing.  Also when I canceled my Farmer’s insurance I received a funny reply.

Please keep in mind with these not well known insurance companies you run the risk of underpaid claims or even denial of claims. You might be saving money now, but in the end you can end up paying a lot more out of pocket for claims. I’ve never heard of Amica these (sic) is why I bring this up to you.

One thing I have immediately appreciated about Amica is how no-frills they are.  All their paperwork has no color and their auto insurance identification cards are on plain paper.  That’s my kind of insurance company.

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