By accident I discovered that you can schedule posts.  Here is what you do to schedule a post to be published in the future.

  1. Click on the Edit link next to "Publish immediately" inside the Publish box of the Edit Post screen.


  2. Change the date to a future date when you want the post to be published.  Then click on the OK button.


  3. After you clicked on the OK button in the previous step the Publish button changed to say Schedule.  Click on the Schedule button to schedule your post to be published in the future.


This is how I scheduled all my Dominion posts.  I actually wrote all of them on June 1 but I scheduled only one to appear per day.  There are still four more posts. 🙂

Update 2009-08-19: To cancel a scheduled post you have to set the scheduled date to a date in the past.  Then the Schedule button should change back to the Publish button.  Press the Publish button and the post will be published with the date you just set.

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