Happy 40th Birthday Andy!

 | June 9, 2009 6:00 AM

Yesterday was Andy’s birthday.  His wife, Jean, created a scrapbook for his birthday (seems like something wives like doing for their husband’s 40th birthday) which she presented yesterday.  Ji Seon and I sent in some of our favorite photos of Andy and I wrote something too.


You thought I was a complete loser when I wore swim shorts to basketball but you were kind of enough not to tell me.

You were astonished when Ji Seon ate all six eggs you had cooked for the guests but nice enough to cook more eggs.

You thought I was a heretic when you let me lead your Bible study once but gracious enough to not say that but just correct my theological errors.

squirrel-entering-houseFor all of this we repaid you by encouraging your subversive campaign to win Jean.  We told Jean you loved her before you proclaimed your love to her.  We raised your standing in her mind by saying such things as “You could do worse.”  When you finally proclaimed your love in that filthy apartment with its squirrel invaders and vat of congealed fat, Ji Seon waited patiently thirty minutes and even did not mind your angry stare when she came into the bedroom of tension to ask how much longer you’d be.

Happy 40th birthday Andy!  You are someone we admire and love.


Frank and Ji Seon

Below is a scan of the final result which includes a photo of our family and the Noh’s at Isaac’s second birthday party.  I hope Andy was more excited at his 40th birthday party than Isaac was at his second. 🙂

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eyeman wrote a comment on June 9, 2009

Your birthday greetings all have a distinctive deprecating, backhanded complimentary humor to them, :-).

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