Carnival Cruise Not Paradise

 | June 22, 2009 6:43 PM

Carnival Cruise on Paradise - June 15 to 19

Last week my family went on a Carnival Cruise on the Paradise ship.  Our itinerary was pretty simple.

  1. Monday – board ship at Long Beach, CA
  2. Tuesday – Catalina Island, CA
  3. Wednesday – Ensenada, Mexico
  4. Thursday – day at sea
  5. Friday – go home

Almost immediately after boarding I remembered why I don’t like cruises – too many people.

But that was not the only reason I did not enjoy this cruise.

  1. The time I had to be a lifeguard.
  2. spilt lemonade incident
  3. mini golf accident
  4. Isaac becoming sick.  When we came home the rest of the family got sick.
  5. lack of fun supervised children’s activities
  6. Unable to attend any adult activities such as shows.
  7. Did not get to play basketball or even swim
  8. Ensenada is an ugly industrial port where the cruise ship dumped all its human waste.  It added to the overall unattractiveness of this destination.
  9. Workers are low paid and overworked.
  10. self-indulgent cruising culture
  11. No access to the internet. 🙂

Dylan, Isaac and Victoria though really enjoyed spending time with their Seattle grandparents and uncle.  All three of our cabins were adjacent and the kids loved running over and seeing their relatives.

And the food was great.  Here is a photo of Ji Seon and Victoria during our first dinner.

Ji Seon and Victoria cruising

2 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Not Paradise”

mark.r wrote a comment on June 22, 2009

sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good time, but thanks for the posts. i’ve never been on a cruise, and now i don’t feel like i’m missing much.

jiseon wrote a comment on June 23, 2009

i thought the cruise was a success overall. everyone had a good time except you, so that’s 7 out of 8 people. and i think you’re realizing your limits (like not taking on all 3 kids by yourself in a new environment, like mini golf, which no other sane person would do), is an even greater success!

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