I remembered about an hour into our cruise why I don’t like cruises.

On the Carnival Cruise Paradise ship we were doing the mandatory emergency seminar and I was crammed in with hundreds of people in a lounge.  TitanicMy Titanic jokes weren’t working and the staff seemed unusually surly.  Then I realized why I don’t like cruises, too many people!

This cruise is sold out and our cruise, which had been rerouted away from Mexico because of the swine flu scare, is now back on course to Ensenada, Mexico.  There are 3500 happy-there-is-no-swine-flu customers crammed into this boat, searching for food, sun, booze and there is plenty of all three.

On top of the 3500 people are the hundreds of staff.  I have cruised Royal Caribbean and Norwegian before and am used to the staff being at least courteous.  However on this Carnival cruise some of the staff are courteous, some are nonchalant and a few are just not polite.  Ji Seon said she is not surprised since Carnival Cruises is the cheapest of the three.  Maybe it’s because they’re working so hard for so little money.

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