Not For Sale Week 3

 | June 28, 2009 7:06 AM

Kique Bazan - Director of International Projects & Co-founderKique Bazan from Peru led the Week 3 Bible Study.  He is the Director of International Projects & Co-founder of Not For Sale.

Not For Sale has five international projects.  Their goal is to teach skills and provide a moral framework.

It takes typically three years to transition from slavery.  A key part of the transition is convincing the person he/she does not deserve to be a slave.  After three years they try to put them in vocational programs with job placement – learning while working.

Not For SaleOne transition program was taking kids surfing.  It takes about six weeks to master surfing.  These kids started receiving compliments and began feeling good about themselves.  For this reason the transition happened much faster and the kids wanted to clean up, go to school, etc.

Based on this success, they are trying sports models to accelerate the transition, for example, soccer team in Ghana, roller blade team in Oakland.

In Ghana the fishermen’s nets get caught at the bottom of the lake.  The fishermen use child slaves to free the nets.  They tie weights to these children who can’t swim and throw them in.  They only pull them out after the net is free and sometimes the kids come up drowned.  Not For Sale is trying to change both the culture of acceptance of slavery and the economics so that the need for these children is gone.

The majority of female sex slaves in India are Nepalese.  Not For Sale uses former sex slaves to help identify at the border which women are being trafficked to India. lists past cases because if they list current cases they might jeopardize the investigation.  What is strange is why aren’t there any cases of North Korean refugees becoming slaves.  Who has that info?  I asked Kique about this and he said because there are no Not For Sale investigators working in that area.

Kique told a story about why Not For Sale is very careful about revealing identities.  Once Dr. Phil had on his program two American women who had been forced into prostitution.  These women became sex slaves while teenagers and after many years they finally escaped and one of them was doing work to help other former sex slaves.  Many years later they went on Dr. Phil to help publicize this issue.  Without their knowledge or consent near the end of the program Dr. Phil had their former pimp call them.  The women broke down crying uncontrollably and it was an incredibly traumatic event for them.  I have no idea what Dr. Phil was thinking.  I wish I could find more information about this episode on the internet

Kique presented three ways we can help.

  1. Open source activism.  Go to action page to find out what you can do.
  2. After care academy in December run by Missing.  This will be a new academy after the current summer series of academies.
  3. Global Forum on Human Trafficking in San Diego on October 8-9.  Specifically in Carlsbad, home of Legoland.  You can make it into a family vacation. 🙂

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