How Godly Men Woo Their Wives

 | June 29, 2009 1:15 PM

Yesterday GrX introduced their new youth ministry pastor, Casey Barton.  Casey shared his story about how he met his wife.

Casey Barton met his wife at a shop she worked at about a year and a half after high school.  He was too shy so he didn’t introduce himself.

Later Casey found out one of his friends knew her.  He asked her to introduce him but she said “She’s too good for you. You’ll ruin her.”

He responded “Fine!  I’ll introduce myself.”

All Latex Rainbow Balloon Bouquet A few days later he went to the store where his future wife worked and bought a bunch of balloons.  She asked “What are the balloons for?”

“These balloons are for a girl I’m too shy to meet.  I am going to give them to her and leave my phone number on the card and hope she calls me.”

“Oh, isn’t that so sweet?!”

Casey Barton purchased the balloons and then gave them to her.  She pushed the balloons back and said “No, don’t give them to me!  Give them to the girl!”

Casey said “You are the girl!”, shoved the balloons back and then ran out.

That afternoon she called him.  That evening she broke up with her boyfriend.  The next evening they went on a date.

Now they are happily married and have two kids.

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Mark R. wrote a comment on June 29, 2009

lol, awesome.

well now i know just what to do. all that remains is for me to fall for a girl who sells balloons.

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