June 28, 2009
Speaker: Pastor Dave Chae
Series: Lead/Feed/Intercede
Passages: Philippians 1:1-8

Today Dave Chae introduced the new youth ministry pastor, Casey Barton.  To let the congregation know him he did an interview of him.

Casey Barton joked about how, after doing a Facebook quiz, learned he is Optimus Prime because he will be the first one on the battlefield for his soldiers.  He also shared his story about how he met his wife.  In high school he struggled with depression and he was involved in drugs, alcohol, vandalism, etc.  One day he was invited to a youth group pizza party.  At the sermon he heard that Jesus can heal a broken life so he thought he’d give him a shot and accepted Christ.  He was lucky enough to have Godly people in his life when he was a youth and since then wanted to work with youth in the same way.

Casey Barton met Dave Chae on the Journey of Mosaic tour, they were roommates.  And later Dave extended an invitation to interview for the youth ministry pastor position.

Western Seminary is courting GrX to lease a building.

Why does Paul lead with thankfulness and prayers of joy?

  • Paul leads with thankfulness because he is so grateful for the Philippians’ Unprecedented Love (1:3-5b; 1:7-8)
  • Paul leads with prayers of joy for the Philippians because of their Partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now. (1:4-5)
  • Paul leads with thankfulness and prayers of joy for the Philippians because he is confident in God’s good work in them.  Progress in the gospel was the source of Paul’s joy and not personal comfort. (1:6)

Intensity of Paul’s Prayers

  1. intense personal nature (“my prayer for you”)
  2. constancy (“always”)
  3. all-inclusiveness (“for all of you”)
  4. joy

How do we apply this in our lives?

  1. Involvement.
  2. Sacrificial support of ministry.
  3. Consistent support of ministry.

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