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Recently I read on The Simple Dollar an article suggesting free equivalents to Amazon’s 25 software bestsellers.  The program that stood out the most to me was SugarSync which was all the way at the bottom of the article.

I went to SugarSync’s site and watched the CNBC interview with David Pogue, “Letting your Blackberry talk to your Desktop and your Laptop.”  I love David Pogue so after listening to him rave about it I decided to try it.  David Pogue also wrote a column over a year ago about SugarSync titled “Synching Just Became a Cinch.”

I first installed it on my MacBook and then my ThinkPad and was immediately impressed for three reasons.

  1. Automatic remote backup of your important files.

    I already do backups on my MacBook using Time Machine and on my ThinkPad using SyncBack.  Time Machine is the best backup software I have ever used and saved me when my MacBook died a year ago.  However these backups are local, i.e. they are tied to an external hard drive that is in my home.  If my home burns down everything will be lost which is why it is nice to have a simple free service for backing up my most important files to a remote location.

  2. Easy synchronization between my MacBook and my ThinkPad via the Magic Briefcase.

    Previously moving files between my MacBook and ThinkPad was a bit of a chore.  But now any time I want to move a file between the two computers I just drop that file into my Magic Briefcase and almost instantaneously it shows up on the other computer.  This model can also be extended to mobile devices.

  3. Access to my important files on the internet.

    Now whenever I am not on my home computer but I need an important file I can get just go to my SugarSync account and access it.

SugarSync’s free account service is great but it only has 2 GB of storage.  But now SugarSync is running a promotion.  If you follow the promotion link and open a 2 GB free account then you and I get an extra 500 MB of space.  Please do it, I would love the extra 500 MB. 🙂

2 Responses to “SugarSync – Easy Backup and Synchronization”

eyeman wrote a comment on July 2, 2009

I signed up; looks pretty cool. Hope you get the 500 MB.

John March wrote a comment on July 2, 2009

awesome…just signed up!

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