Pinocchio and Child Slavery

 | July 3, 2009 9:00 AM

Pinocchio (Two-Disc 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition + Standard DVD+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]On Wednesday I borrowed from the library the Blu-ray DVD Pinocchio. I don’t remember the movie since I only saw it once and that was thirty years ago and I was hoping the children would enjoy it.

It turned out that was a big mistake.  The movie is much darker than I expected, both visually and content wise.  None of the children were enjoying it.  Dylan, though he is the oldest, actually became the most frightened, I think because he understood the best.

As many of you might know, I have been studying and reading about modern slavery and was struck by how much of this animated film is about slavery!

First Pinocchio is duped by Honest John into joining a circus and becomes a slave of Stromboli.  Pinocchio escapes with the help of the Blue Fairy.


Then a few hours later he is duped again by Honest John.  He and many other little boys are led to Pleasure Island where they are transformed into donkeys.  The whole scene reminded me of young boys being sold into sexual slavery, transformed into prostitutes.

To view the images of Pinocchio's so-called ˜best friend" Lampwick turning into a donkey and the other boys screaming for their mothers is like something out of Dante's Inferno.

I honestly cannot recommend this movie for any young children, it’s not fun, it’s dark, and it’s scary.  But if you want some good imagery for modern slavery, this movie is great.

4 Responses to “Pinocchio and Child Slavery”

Lisa wrote a comment on July 3, 2009

Seeing that horrible donkey scene reminded me how I was scared of this movie as a child. It IS dark. I totally forgot (or more like blocked it out of my memory). What was Disney thinking?? 😛

seonghuhn wrote a comment on July 3, 2009

Yeah I don’t understand what Disney was thinking. It is 70 years old so maybe back then parenting was more about scaring.

Lisa wrote a comment on July 4, 2009

The hubby brought this site up and I thought I should send it your way:
It has detailed descriptions of tons of movies so you can evaluate for yourself whether you want your kids to watch a certain movie. Very thorough.

seonghuhn wrote a comment on July 5, 2009

That’s a really useful site, something I’ve been looking for. Too bad it doesn’t have a rating for how potentially scary a movie can be. For example it makes Pinocchio seem quite innocent. But I’ll definitely be checking it out like I just did to see what it thought of Up.

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