11th Wedding Anniversary

 | July 5, 2009 2:24 PM

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary.  During church service instead of reflecting during communion I was talking to Ji Seon about when I first met her and how she still looks the same.

When I first met Ji Seon she was sitting in the back seat of my friend’s car while I was in the front seat.  I was introduced to her but she didn’t believe my name was “Frank”.  She was convinced I was “MJ”, another guy who happened to look like me.  The second time we met she insisted on seeing my driver’s license.  I was attracted to this spunky, irreverent college girl though a little scared that she’d be too tough for me.

That was thirteen years ago.  Since then the following things have happened in our joint lives.

  1. DSC_0406We have had three children.  Some people are insisting we have more. 
  2. We have moved four times including one coast to coast move.  We would prefer never moving again but Ji Seon knows I have a restless spirit.
  3. We have travelled to a few countries including Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and many Caribbean islands.
  4. We have been to many weddings and are looking forward to many more.  Ji Seon has been in the wedding party many times.  Most of my friends are through Ji Seon.
  5. We have seen a few musicals.  I remember taking Ji Seon to Rent and afterwards Ji Seon saying “Thank you.” and really meaning it.  Ji Seon now tells me she actually liked Ragtime and Les Misérables more.

I wish we could say we spent the day celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary but we won’t be able to until later this week.

5 Responses to “11th Wedding Anniversary”

Lisa wrote a comment on July 5, 2009

happy anniversary! apparently it’s the “steel” anniversary. did you give each other crow bars?

seonghuhn wrote a comment on July 6, 2009

Crow bars, that’s funny. 🙂
We haven’t actually followed the materials theme for anniversary. Steel definitely sounds challenging. Maybe if stainless steel is included it’s not so hard.

ilene wrote a comment on July 7, 2009

congrats! u guys are a great couple!

essny wrote a comment on July 8, 2009

11 years?! dang. I feel old. Thanks, Frank!

hope you & Ji Seon don’t go to Ikea for your anniversary dinner. Make it a little more special!!!

John March wrote a comment on July 10, 2009


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