| July 11, 2009 1:13 PM

First there was  Does anyone use them anymore?

Then came Shorten, share, and track your links

Now there is a new competitor, and both do similar things:

  1. shorten URL’s
  2. post to Twitter
  3. track your links has the following advantages:

  1. posts to Facebook
  2. very rich tracking statistics which are updated quickly
  3. tracks retweets
  4. automatically posts your link to StumbleUpon
  5. can schedule posts in the future

You can easily set up your Twitter to automatically post to Facebook but in some cases you may not want to do that.  I started using for my new LoveNorthKorea blog because I didn’t want to automatically post to Facebook from my @luvnorthkorea Twitter account. has the following advantages:

  1. URL’s seem to be 1 character shorter.
  2. tracks if your shortened URL has also been shortened by others and tracks how many people used your shortened URL.
  3. makes it easy to copy the shortened URL so you can reuse it.
  4. When you click on a link you go directly to the page.  When you click on a link you have a StumbleUpon toolbar on top so it feels like you are in the StumbleUpon world.

I can see some advantages to having the StumbleUpon toolbar on top of the page.  It allows users immediate access to their StumbleUpon account and makes it easy for them to vote up or down the page.  On the other hand though it is a bit intrusive.

What do you think of the StumbleUpon toolbar? Click here to see an example of what I mean.

Update 07-27-2009: I have become too frustrated with the intrusive StumbleUpon toolbar.  I am no longer using

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Ed Chang wrote a comment on July 13, 2009

As a matter of security, I never click on shortened links, as they might lead to dangerous websites which could infect my PC with viruses or spyware. I use Firefox with the WebOfTrust addon (in addition to Adblock and NoScript of course) to provide guidance on which sites are safe to visit.

seonghuhn wrote a comment on July 15, 2009

I understand the reluctance, it makes a lot of sense. Personally I click on shortened links if they are made by people I trust.

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