My 2010 Election Ballot

 | May 22, 2010 6:36 PM

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom

I have been impressed by what he has done as mayor of San Francisco.  Under his administration San Francisco became the first U.S. city to “provide quality health care for every single resident – regardless of pre-existing medical conditions.”  San Francisco has also led the way in green initiatives.  And in general he has struck me as a leader.

The other two candidates seem unremarkable.

Proposition 13
Limits on Property Tax Assessment

No one opposes it.  It seems reasonable that doing construction to seismically retrofit buildings will not trigger reassessment of property tax value.

Update: Easily passed.

Proposition 14
Increases Right to Participate in Primary Elections

Politicians wrote Proposition 14 to change the law so they can conceal their party affiliation on the election ballot.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California after he cast his vote in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Update: Unfortunately this proposition easily passed and I wonder if we California voters fully understand the ramifications.  All I know is Arnold is happy about it.

Proposition 15
California Fair Elections Act


I was not sure about this one.  However in the end I voted yes because it’s a pilot program for only two election cycles and for only secretary of state.  It would be ideal if we could rid the election process of politicians being bought by big money.

Proposition 16
Imposes New Two-Thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers


The sponsor of this bill is PG&E.  They don’t want anything to threaten their monopoly.

Update: Failed thankfully even with all the money PG&E threw into promoting it.  Just learned that PG&E was portrayed as knowingly contaminating groundwater in the hit movie “Erin Brockovich.”

Proposition 17
Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in Part on a Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage


The sponsor of this bill is Mercury Insurance.  Consumers Union opposes it.


I did not vote for anything else because I did not have an opinion.

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