Diamond Resorts Second Chance

 | June 14, 2010 3:24 PM

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort - Diamond Resorts

Several months ago I wrote about my first experience with Diamond Resorts.  What I did not expect was that Diamond Resorts Chief Experience Officer, Patrick Duffy, would comment on that post within hours of it being published.

Patrick Duffy and I spoke on the phone about my experience.  To make amends he offered to let us and our family friends who were supposed to come with us the first time to stay again at the same luxury resort in Tahoe for free for three nights.  He even included free parking.

Patrick‚Äôs assistant, Linda Krakower, took care of all accommodations.  We called the resort to book the only weekend that worked for both of our families.  When the resort said no room was available we asked Linda and she booked top floor rooms close to each other with balconies.

During our stay we were treated very well but more importantly as Patrick promised there was no hard sell for either family.  The rooms were very comfortable, the experience of swimming in a pool during a snow fall is special and the view is beautiful.

Patrick Duffy provided us with outstanding customer service and I want to thank him and his staff.

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Dave Chae wrote a comment on July 11, 2010

Hey Frank,

This is pretty cool that things worked out. I’m glad that you gave the resort a second chance and I’m glad that the CEO saw it fitting that you and your family and friends should have a more positive experience on them.

How did the CEO get a hold of your post?


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