The Ji Seon Sports Blessing

 | July 4, 2012 9:01 AM

On October 3, 2011, ESPN The Magazine published an issue all about Boston’s dominance titled “Welcome to Boston, Loozah!” The lead article was “Why Boston is better than you.”

Boston-Themed ESPN the Magazine Issue Declares Boston 'America's Most Dominant Sports City' (Photo) -

What ESPN failed to uncover in their research was the real reason for Boston’s dominance was my wife, Ji Seon’s, presence in Boston.

Ji Seon arrived in Boston in the 90’s. Afterwards began the championship run starting with the New England Patriots in 2002 and ending with the Boston Red Sox in 2007 and the Boston Celtics in 2008. In total there were three Super Bowl victories, two World Series championships and one NBA championship.

Ji Seon left Boston in 2007. The Big Three trade happened before she left and that carried onto a championship. However her blessing was not able to sustain the Patriots who started off with a magical season. But then she moved and the blessing ran out before the Super Bowl resulting in the New York Giants winning.

Since then there have been no championships in Boston (we’re not counting the Bruins). The Big Three looks like it might fall apart. The Patriots can’t win it all. The Red Sox just suffered one of the biggest chokes in MLB history.

Now consider what has happened to the Bay Area since Ji Seon has arrived. While Ji Seon was in Boston there was not one single championship in the Bay Area. Since she arrived the following things have happened.

  1. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series with a team that most experts said could not win. They made the playoffs after the team ahead of them went on a ten game losing streak. Obviously there was more involved than just talent.
  2. The San Francisco 49’ers almost went to the Super Bowl. They narrowly lost in the NLCS championship to the eventual Super Bowl champions. This after they hadn’t made in the playoffs since 2002.
  3. There is new management and hope for the Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders.
  4. The Oakland A’s are planning to move to San Jose where they can join the ranks of the big market teams.

Don’t be surprised if in the next ten years you see more championships won in the Bay Area and ESPN The Magazine devotes an issue to the Bay Area’s dominance. Hopefully this time they’ll recognize the Ji Seon Sports Blessing.

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