2012 MLB Playoff Predictions

 | October 5, 2012 8:17 AM

First I want to say this was supposed to be the season the Toronto Blue Jays make the playoffs. I blame Yunel Escobar. Now onto my predictions which if they follow past history will be completely wrong.

2012 MLB Postseason Picture

AL Wild Card

Texas beats Baltimore

I have been questioning Baltimore’s success all season and I will continue to do so. Saunders is probably one of the worst playoff starters while Darvish is starting to pitch like an ace. Texas should win this easily. But if it’s close and it gets to the bullpen then Baltimore will have the advantage with its better bullpen and superior manager, Buck Showalter.  But I don’t think Texas’s offense, #1 in MLB, will let it get there.

NL Wild Card

Atlanta beats St. Louis

This seems like the easy choice. Medlen has been awesome and Lohse has been much more hittable on the road. Atlanta does not have as good of an offense but it has the better bullpen so I think they pull this out.

AL Division Series 1

Detroit sweeps Oakland

I want Oakland to win. They’re a fantastic story. But to do that they might have to beat Verlander twice.

Let’s assume Detroit wins Game 1. This seems like the easy choice. In Game 2 it’s Doug Fister against Tommy Milone. Fister has been pitching very well while Milone has not pitched well on the road nor against the Tigers. Oakland could lose the first two games.

In Game 3 it’s Max Scherzer against Brett Anderson. Both pitchers have been very good of late but both also have been dealing with injuries. I am much more concerned about Brett’s. Again I can see another Oakland loss.

If Oakland makes it to Game 4 I think they can possibly win it because Anibal Sanchez is beatable. I am not sure what to expect from A.J. Griffin. His last start he got beat up by Texas and when he faced Detroit he did not do well.

And finally I can’t see Oakland winning Game 5 against Verlander. But if it gets there I like their chances more because Parker is very good at home and I think all the pressure will be on Detroit.

I predict Detroit sweeps but I hope Oakland wins.

AL Division Series 2

New York beats Texas

I think the Yankees would rather play the Rangers than the Orioles because of how well the Orioles have played them. And I believe they will get their wish and then beat the Rangers in 5.

The Rangers are really hurt by the fact they have to play the wild card game. Darvish will not be able to start in the Division Series until Game 3 or 4.

The Yankees pitching staff is much better and their hitting can keep up with the Rangers. But I hope the Rangers win, I’m a fan of Josh Hamilton.

NL Division Series 1

San Francisco beats Cincinnati

I don’t know why but I don’t really like the Giants. Maybe it’s the uniforms. Saying that I think they will beat the Reds.

In Game 1 it’s Cain vs. Cueto. Both have had remarkable seasons but I believe a lot more in Cain. Game 2 is Bumgarner against Arroyo. This is a mismatch in my mind. I don’t know why Baker is saving Latos for Games 3 but he’s clearly the better pitcher.

I am not sure who the Giants pitch in Game 3. Lincecum will probably be the starter but I don’t think it matters who it is because Latos will win.

In Game 4 I am not sure who the Giants start but the Reds are starting Cueto. Let’s assume Cueto wins this one.

In Game 5 it’s Arroyo again and I just don’t trust him. Giants win with Cain or Bumgarner starting.

In the end the Giants have the better offense and starting pitching. The Reds have the better bullpen but I think their advantage is not as great as many perceive.

NL Division Series 2

Washington beats Atlanta

I want Atlanta to win even though they have the racist uniform and chant. Maybe it’s because I’m a Heyward and Medlen fan. Or maybe it’s because I think the Nationals were idiotic for benching Strasburg.

The Braves have the better bullpen and the majority of fans cheering for Chipper Jones to win it in his retirement season. However they don’t have as good of an offense nor starting pitching. And the Braves won’t have Medlen until Game 3 or 4.

Gio Gonzalez will win Game 1 against Minor or Hudson. Zimmerman is more beatable but I think he can beat Minor or Hudson though this game will be closer.

Let’s assume Medlen starts Game 3 and beats Edwin Jackson. Tommy Hanson could beat Lannan in Game 4. But then I think Gio Gonzalez will be too hard to beat at home in Game 5.


Detroit beats New York

If Detroit only has to use Verlander in one game in the Divison Series then it’s chances to win the ALCS are much higher.

Last year I was on the Verlander bandwagon but he actually had a playoff series. I am going to board it again and predict the Tigers beat the Yankees.

Plus I don’t like New York. Smile


San Francisco beats Washington

In a longer seven game series I think the absence of Strasburg will be felt even more for the Nationals. San Francisco I think wins because their starting pitching is better, their bullpen is much better and I think even their offense is better with Buster Posey playing like Johnny Bench.

However if Washington beats Atlanta in 3 or 4 games while San Francisco takes 5 to beat Cincinnati then Washington will have the advantage in terms of setting its rotation. But even in that case Bumgarner will be starting Game 1 which is not much of a step down.

World Series

San Francisco beats Detroit

I don’t really want San Francisco to win. I am not sure why but I know I don’t want to hear bandwagon fans yelling in my face “This is Giants’ country!”

But in a field of not dominant teams they could win. They have a better bullpen, deeper lineup, better starters and in my opinion the better manager. San Francisco also has home advantage.

However Verlander is the best starter in baseball and Miguel Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball. If they somehow beat the Yankees easily so Verlander can start Game 1 then they could win it all. However I don’t see that happening so unfortunately as strange as it sounds I have to pick San Francisco.

If only the Blue Jays just had a few things bounce their way they could be winning the World Series. It’s really not a very strong field this season. The Blue Jays just split a series with the Yankees.

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