2012 MLB Playoff Predictions Updated

 | October 7, 2012 8:33 AM

As I predicted before my predictions so far have been completely wrong.

Saunders was 0-6 in six career starts in Arlington with a 9.38 ERA. Yet he gives up only 1 run in 5 2/3 innings to lead the Orioles to victory.

Medlen and the Braves had won 23 straight games he started. But on an easy double play ball Chipper threw the ball into right field and the Braves made two more errors in one of the worst played games.

And the Reds somehow win Game 1 while losing their ace, Cueto, after eight pitches. But he could pitch Game 3 and Latos was fantastic as I predicted.

Now it’s time to update my predictions which of course will be wrong again.

AL Division Series 2
New York beats Baltimore

I want the Orioles to win not because I like them but because I don’t like the Yankees. However I am still not a believer. Hammel, their Game 1 starter, is coming back from an injury. Wei-Yin Chen and Miguel Gonzalez don’t impress me either.

This could be a sweep but the Orioles have a great bullpen and a great manager. I’ll say Yankees in 4.

NL Division Series 2
St. Louis beats Washington

Unlike the Braves the Cardinals did not lose much having to play the wild card game. One could argue their ace, Wainwright, is pitching Game 1 of this series.

Wainwright has been kind of up and down but if he pitches like an ace then the Cardinals should take this series. Their offense is better and their pitching can be as good. I will predict Cardinals in 4.

St. Louis beats San Francisco

If St. Louis can beat Washington then I think they can continue that roll and beat San Francisco.

World Series
Detroit beats St. Louis

I have no idea but I’m going to stay with Detroit though I think St. Louis will be a more formidable opponent than San Francisco.

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