I think that was the first time I correctly predicted all four division series winners. Of course I got both of the wild cards wrong. And I thought after the Reds won Game 1 that they should win the series and they almost did.

It was enjoyable watching the Cardinals come back in Game 5 over the Nationals just because having been a Clippard owner I saw how he and Storen could easily blow it.

The Orioles continue to amaze me and I was hoping I was wrong but in the Yankees were just that much better.

ALCS Detroit beats New York

Detroit has two disadvantages, starting the series in New York and not having Verlander until Game 3 and that will be on short rest which I think could be a mistake.

Still I see them winning because of their superstars, Verlander, Miggy, Prince and the way the Yankees are struggling on offense.

NLCS San Francisco beats St. Louis

San Francisco plays well at home, they have better starting pitching and their offense is good enough. St. Louis has the better offense but their starting pitching isn’t very reliable. Also I think Bochy is better than Matheny and in a close series that will matter.

In the end San Francisco should win in a close series.

World Series Champion Detroit

It seems I can’t make up my mind. First I predicted San Francisco would beat Detroit, then I predicted Detroit would beat St. Louis. Now I’m predicting Detroit to beat San Francisco.

Verlander should be lined up for Game 1 and things should fall into line after that for Detroit.

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